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Decorative Ornaments
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1st  5 pieces freeze dried Minnows

2nd  2 pieces Bocce's Cheese Treat

3rd  5 pieces Charlee Bear crunchy treats

4th  1 pack Super Snouts pumpkin latte mix

5th  6 inch Barkworthies bully stick

6th  8 pieces Salmon Says training treats

7th  2 pieces Old Mother Hubbard treats

8th  2 pack Earth Rated poop bags

9th  8 pieces Tricky Trainers training treats

10th  1 Barkworthies Cheese Chew

11th  5 pieces freeze dried Minnows

12th  10 pack Warren London Foot Fizz Balls

13th  1/4 cup Fromm trout kibble

14th  5 pieces Charlee Bear crunchy treats

15th  5 pieces Give Pet peppermint bark treats

16th  1 Pet House mini candle

17th  1 piece Charlee Bear bearnola bites

18th  2 pieces Austin & Kat no more wiggles CBD cookies

19th  1 Etta Says Elk jerky

20th  3 pieces Acana freeze dried treats

21st  1 Merrick Dental treat

22nd  1/4 cup Ziwi Lamb air dried food

23rd  1 carton Stella and Chewy beef stew

24th  1 package Himalayan Dog yacky charms 

Perfect way to try a varity of items! 20 different brands represented. All hand picked and packaged by Paradise Paws. Enjoy the assortment of food, treats, and supplies!

Get here early next year to reserve your 2023 Advent Calendar

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