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Welcome to Paradise!

Let your dog play, socialize, and relax


Don't have a yard to play with your dog? Use ours! Available starting June 2024. Reserve through the Sniffspot website here. You do not need to be a client to reserve the space.


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Your one stop shop. Daycare? Got it! Transportation? Got that too! Grooming? Absolutely! Cat care? Sure! Healthy options for food and treats? You best bet! Social Events? Let's get chatting! Wanna host a birthday party for your pup? We've got you! Click an option below to view more info!


2 Dog daycare Rooms

Each daycare playgroup is monitored by a professional staff member to ensure the safety of the dogs at play. Isolated care available to dogs who would do best in a solo environment.


20 Standard Suites

1 Family Suite

2 Luxury Suites 

The owner of Paradise Paws lives on site.


From stinky to stylish!


Let us come to you! Can't make it over to drop off or pick up? No worries! Our bus is the perfect solution!

Also offering in home care for any furry (or not so much) house pets.


In Home care for cats

Boarding available at our facility starting August of 2024


Premium brands at great prices!

This is an online shopping option only.

Join Paws Plus for $5/month and save 20% with every purchase. New brands being added every month! Have a brand request? Let us know and we will see what we can do.


Get the most from your experience at Paradise Paws!

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Come join us for many events we host throughout the year!

Some events are owner inclusive and some are dog only.

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Birthday Parties

Want to have a birthday party for your pup but don't have anywhere to do it? We have plenty of space!

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